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JUnit extension for easy and efficient testing of CDI components


I'm assuming you are using at least maven 3.6.x for this tutorial as I am using it for my integration testing.

Furthermore a jdk >= 8 should be used. If in doubt check the testing matrix on GitHub Actions.


Define dependencies on basic cdi-test features as in the the integration-tests pom.xml:

Writing Tests

In the following example, ApplicationBean will automatically be replaced by a mockito mock in all cdi beans when this test is run, see the full example in the code for details.

It is possible to select different mockito or test implementations in each test class (see the full documentation for details).

public class RequestScopeMockTest {

    private static final String SAMPLE = "sample";

    private ApplicationBean applicationBean;

    private RequestBean requestBean;

    public void setAttributeTransitive() {



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